Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chalk Talk Season 7 Episode 5: Engineering Wins at Season's End

This week the whole cast is in the same state to talk about the week's events and delve into an unpredicted win this weekend from the MIT Engineers at the Hoyt.  This, plus prizes, rankings, and a look ahead at the post season.

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Feature Story 3:09
Rankings 8:21
The Weekend Ahead 11:00
The Season Ahead 13:21

Thursday, October 18, 2012

College Sailing Recap: The Danmark Trophy

By Samantha Bobo
Recap contributions by Doyle Calhoun

Last weekend’s top ranking collegiate event was the Danmark Trophy, hosted by the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Twenty top college teams from all ICSA divisions came together to duke it out on the Thames River for this intersectional title.

Chalk Talk Season 7 Episode 4: Guatemalan Olympian at Navy

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The hosts also look at a weekend of interconference regattas, highlighted by an incredible performance by this week's guest, Juan Maegli.

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This week:
Weekend Review 0:51
Feature Story 2:46
US Sailing Weekly Giveaway 7:34
The Weekend Ahead 8:24

Friday, October 12, 2012

Daily Lift - Ideas for Teaching the Rules

Ideas for Teaching the Rules by Dave Perry

On the Water
• Practice starts with “live coaching” (vary the favored end)
• Starting line too short for all boats to fit at same time
• Extremely short beat (upwind start) or run (downwind start) – or start upwind, then reverse fleet and have them race to a nearby leeward mark
• Videotape races or sessions and do debrief on shore
• Pull boats aside right after incident and debrief while still fresh (have small dry-erase board in coach boat)
• Race around tiny track, keeping boats compressed
• Have sailors raise hands as they enter the zone; give feedback
• Create drills for ducking / slam dunking / lee-bowing
• Simulate rules situations right off the dock (with good sailors in boats and class on dock watching with an instructor doing “play by play”)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

College Sailing Recap - Women’s Navy Fall

By Samantha Bobo and Rachel Perry

The featured women’s college sailing regatta last weekend was the Women’s Navy Fall, hosted by the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. This event is the only three division fall event in women’s collegiate sailing. Doublehanded and singlehanded skills were tested in the FJ, 420 and Laser. Yale, Stanford and Navy filled out the top three in last year’s Navy Fall and considering Yale’s powerhouse performances so far this season they seemed likely to win it again. Teams from Georgetown, College of Charleston, and Old Dominion were also looking to keep this year’s Navy Fall in MAISA. After 16 races total for all divisions, it was St. Mary’s who earned the win with 256 points, a 33 point margin of victory over second place Yale, and a 58 point win over third place Navy.

Chalk Talk Season 7 Episode 3: All About the Boats

This week on Chalk Talk, Chris and Jane delve into a couple of big weekends at Navy, check in with our insider at Sailing World Magazine, and pick the brain of Zach Brown about a series of articles he's written about college sailing for Sail1Design.  You can read Brown's articles at

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This week:
Contest Details 0:36
Weekend Review 1:13
Rankings: 5:06
The Weekend Ahead: 8:03
Feature Story: All About the Boats with Zach Brown: 11:14

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Daily Lift - College Sailing Basics

College sailing basics:

A. College Sailing is a Community sailing program for the campus community.
B. Institutionally owned or managed fleets. No cost or low cost usage of the fleet
makes sailing affordable
C. College sailors are not paying directly for the coaching
D. Many college programs offer learn to sail programs for both university
students and the local public for adults and youth.
E. Many college programs utilize facilities for open recreational sailing, beyond
the racing team.

by Mitch Brindley

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Lift - College Sailing

College Sailing FAQ:
I’m not a Rockstar Sailor – should I even bother contacting the coach?

YES! Coaches recruit for many reasons; you may be the right size, or live in a town where the team
needs housing, have a great reputation as a team player… anything can set you apart from the crowd!

by Jay Kehoe

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daily Lift - Community Sailing

Questions to consider when identifying the role of "community" in sailing?
1. What makes a facility a “community” sailing center?
2. Why aren't there more community sailing centers?
3. What are the 5+ key ingredients for a successful community sailing program?
4. Why aren't there more parks and recreation professionals advocating more community sailing centers in public parks?
5. How can community sailing attract and retain talented management professionals?
6. Community Sailing Center - how come few, if any, community sailing centers have franchised to support other locations?
7. What can the Community Sailing Council or US Sailing do or what resources can they provide to support community sailing centers?
8. What are most well established “Community Sailing Centers” in the country?
9. What are the best web sites to borrow from?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Daily Lift - Travel Teams

Introduction to Travel Teams – things to keep in mind at all stages of planning and
• Ultimate goal – provide positive experiences for the sailors by allowing them the
opportunities to go to new places, meet new people, race against better sailors, and
become well-disciplined athletes and responsible people
• Emphasis on travel team – while sailing can be a very individualized sport, it is still
important for the athletes to learn the values of being a part of a team, and that needs
to be encouraged by the coaches and parents alike

Kevin Broome and Martha Pitt

Friday, October 5, 2012

Daily Lift - Strength and Conditioning

Looking to start a strength and conditioning program? Include these fundamental components of physical training:

-Aerobic conditioning and speed endurance
-Muscular strength and endurance
-Body composition

by Rob Slade

Thursday, October 4, 2012

College Sailing Recap: The Danmark Trophy

By Samantha Bobo and Doyle Calhoun

This weekend’s top ranking collegiate event was the Danmark Trophy, hosted by the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Twenty top college teams from all ICSA divisions came together to duke it out on the Thames River for this intersectional title. Last year’s winner, Hobart and Smith was back as well as second place Tufts and third place Yale. Teams from College of Charleston, Boston College and St. Mary’s were also in the mix and looking to assert their fleet racing abilities. After nine races in both A and B divisions, it was ultimately the Brown University Bears who ended up on top of the fleet with a total of 119 points - an eight point margin over second place BC and 13 points ahead of third place MIT.

Chalk Talk Season 7 Episode 2: ICSA Incoming Class

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This week on Chalk Talk, Erik and Jane take the reigns while Chris is on the road. They tackle questions like: Who will be the best women's team this weekend? Who are the best freshmen this season? Why is Jane's camera sometimes out of focus? The hosts are joined by BC's Raul Rios, who called Puerto Rico home before heading to Massachusetts.

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This week:
Rankings: 0:44
Weekend Review 1:33
Contest Details 3:38
The Weekend Ahead 2:21
Feature Story: Top Freshmen 6:39
Interview: Raul Rios 12:12

Daily Lift - Adaptive Sailing

Basic starter kit for physically disabled sailing and boat adaptations - Simple additions for any boat could include a camping or yoga mat, some short lengths of rope, a smooth wood plank, possibly a cooler or recycling bin and a roll of duct tape. With these items, one can create:

-A padded, non-slip seat
-Padding around sharp objects in the cockpit
-An additional thwart to assist transfer from side to side during maneuvers
-Extra loops of rope to grip and provide stability in the boat
-Extensions to sheets

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Daily Lift - Crisis Managment by Joel Labuzetta

Who contacts the family?
- The primary concern is for the family. Be sympathetic and supportive.
- Insist on having accurate contact numbers and emails, including emergency only numbers.
- Be honest and straightforward when speaking. Only state what you know to be true. Avoid speculating.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Daily Lift - North U. Seminars

With the new Racing Rule Sailing taking effect on January 1, 2013, North U. and US Sailing are preparing for the 2013 Rules & Tactics Seminars. Visit North U. for information on how to host a seminar at your sailing organization.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Daily Lift - US Sailing Store: Bulk Discounts

Did you know that US Sailing member organizations can purchase our publications at a considerable discount in bulk quantity? Log in to access these great member discounts.