Thursday, September 26, 2013

College Sailing's Chalk Talk - September 26, 2013

Regatta highlights from last weekend and commentary on the current landscape of college sailing, including a boom in the number of women skippers in coed regattas in the opening weeks of this fall season.

Chalk Talk is presented by US Sailing and the US Sailing College Membership. We also enjoy support from Zim Sailing.

Monday, September 23, 2013

West Coast Tour - Adventures With The Olympic Circle Sailing Club (OCSC)

by Kate Sheahan
West Coast Tour Coordinator

Anthony Sanberg and Onya, courtesy of Alexander Cohen
Perhaps one of the most beautiful legacies is to truly enable someone within their lifetime to push their comfort boundaries and find their full potential.

The America's Cup buzz has certainly brought attention to sailing on San Francisco Bay this summer. Only a half mile from the AC-72 finish line is a place that has taught thousands the art of sailing for more than three decades.

I recently visited perhaps the finest sailing school in the world - San Francisco's OCSC, "The Olympic Circle Sailing Club," which teaches the science, tradition and responsibility of sailing in a holistic way at its six-acre campus. However, sailing is just the threshold to so much more.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

College Sailing's Chalk Talk - Season Premier

Chris, Zeke, Katy and Jane discuss the 2013 ICSA season with commentary, predictions, interviews, and more in the season premiere of College Sailing's Chalk Talk, presented by US Sailing and sponsored by Zim Sailing. Chalk Talk is produced by Chris Love Productions.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

West Coast Tour - San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

by Kate Sheahan
West Coast Tour Coordinator

  • The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is at the heart of SF’s Fisherman’s Wharf District with three major sites: The Visitor's Center, Maritime Museum and Hyde Street Pier. It is part of the West Coast Tour not only because it might be one of the best free perches to view the America’s Cup racing this week, but the park buildings and collection of vessels are a needed stop for those interested in architecture and the sea.

    A century ago, the prescription for anxieties caused by city living was sunlight and fresh air, which sparked what was called the International Style of architecture. It was inspired by the horizontal lines of the ocean liners
  • Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    West Coast Tour - The Star Worlds

    by Kate Sheahan
    West Coast Tour Coordinator

    Windward mark rounding of Champions at the 2013 Star Worlds
    John Burnham, Qualcomm 2013 Star Worlds Regatta Chairman, reiterated that he, “wanted to showcase the youth participating this year through junior awards. There are five father/son teams and two young women racing; one is a skipper with her father and another is crewing.” He explained that, "this will be the 8th time that San Diego Yacht Club has hosted the Star Worlds since 1938. There are eleven skippers from SDYC that have gold star titles and who have collected 16 titles since 1937." This year 66 boats from 10 countries participated.

    Julian Busch of SDYC calls the racing, “a battle of attrition,” meaning there is one, roughly

    Reflections from the President: My America's Cup Experience

    My little grandsons don’t care what boats cost and they don’t yet know the game.  They’ve sailed with me in my Thistle, C Scow, and Laser. But now they’ve seen really, really big cats foiling like rocket ships aimed right at them and the first mark. They noticed and went back to the sand on the beach to play.  The Ellison gamble of bringing the mega-everything Cup races to the San Francisco shore has in fact, reached tens of thousands of spectators. Many must be new to our sport based on what I heard in the shoreline questions and chatter.

    How Sea Affinity of Baltimore Implemented REACH

    US Sailing interviewed Sea Affinity Director Steve Maddox recently to learn and share creative ways educational programs are successfully implementing the REACH program. REACH utilizes sailing as an educational platform, challenging youth to embrace education, establish a love of learning and explore productive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) based careers.

    Sea Affinity is a perfect match for REACH. They are a life skills development organization that uses sailing and boating education to challenge and enable youth and adults, including those impacted by disabilities, to realize their potential.

    Organizations interested in utilizing the REACH program should use this interview as resource and a model.

    Monday, September 9, 2013

    West Coast Tour - On-The-Water Safety Protocol from Oracle's Doctor Lee and Star World's Captain Zimm

    by Kate Sheahan
    West Coast Tour Coordinator

    Morning visit to Pier 80

    “We are trying to look at sailing from a different perspective; we are trying to look at sailing as a more intense sport…[for the AC racing] you are dealing with six to eleven people on a boat that have to be ready for any situation.” Dr. Lee of Oracle Team USA

    I recently sat down with Dr. Arnold Lee, Oracle’s team physician, who is trying to create a safer sailing experience on the water with a better safety protocol management system in the event that there is any on-water incident. The medical kits he has developed live on the