Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 NEISA Team Race Championship

By Kelly Stannard

The 2012 NEISA Team Race Championship was hosted by MIT at the Wood Sailing Pavilion on the Charles River in Cambridge Massachusetts this past weekend. This event determined which three NEISA teams earned berths to the ICSA Team Race Nationals. With twelve talented teams, racing was tight and the fight for the top three spots was intense. This was to be expected with the amount of capable teams sharing the similar goal of being in the top three. After a qualification round, teams were broken into a top eight and a consolation round, two full rounds of top eight were sailed before the final round of six.

At the end of the day Sunday, there was a three-way tie for first with the top teams all finishing with a record of 13-6. Boston College went 2-1 against both Roger Williams and Brown and Brown went 3-0 against Roger Williams. With these tie-breakers Boston College takes first, Brown second, and Roger Williams takes the third berth to the ICSA Team Race Nationals.
Photo by Alex Rudkin

The top six teams included Brown, Roger Williams, Yale, Boston College, Tufts, and Harvard. After the second round of the top eight the records were as follows:

Brown              11-3                   
Roger Williams 10-4                                                                                           
Yale                  9-5                                                                                   
Boston College 9-5                                                                                           
Tufts                 8-6                                                                                           
Harvard           4-10
At the start of the final six Brown and Roger Williams were in first and second place while Yale, Boston College, and Tufts were tight on their heels. At this point anyone could win the event still and the berths to Nationals were far from clear cut.
In the final round of six Boston College turned up the heat and went 4-1 in this round only losing a race to Tufts. Roger Williams went 3-2 in the last round, loosing races to Brown and Boston College. Also going 3-2 were the Tufts Jumbos who only lost against Brown and Roger Williams in the final six. Brown ended up 2-3, they lost their races against Yale, Boston College and Harvard. Yale went 2-3, loosing races against Roger Williams, Boston College and Tufts. Harvard finished the top six round with a 1-4 record, only winning against Brown.
The overall records for the NEISA Team Race Championship:
1. Boston College        13-6       (2-1 vs. Brown, 2-1 vs. RWU)
2. Brown                     13-6       (3-0 vs. RWU)
3. Roger Williams        13-6
4. Tufts                        11-8        (3-0 vs. Yale)
5. Yale                         11-8
6. Harvard                   5-14
7. Dartmouth               4-10
8. MIT                        1-13
9. Vermont                   3-0
10. Boston Univ.          2-1
11. Conn. College        1-2
12. Bowdoin                0-3
This event was full of tight competition, excitement and great spectating. Congratulations to the top three teams headed to the ICSA/ APS Team Racing Nationals in Texas at the start of June!

Full scoring grids and RP forms can be found here.

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