Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One-Design Symposium Presentation Sneak Peeks

Dave Perry, Greg Fisher and Laura Jeffers are just a few of many presenters at US Sailing's 2013 One-Design Symposium, hosted by Cleveland Yachting Club in Rocky River, Ohio on January 11-13.

Greg Fisher & Laura Jeffers - "Attracting Young Adults and Making the College Connection"
There has always been discussion on the disconnect between college sailors and their future in the sport. Learn and discuss new and proven ideas to reach this generation and introduce them to one-design sailing. Learn what the Lightning Class has done to capture this interest through there highly successful Boat Grant Program.

A Helpful Tip from Laura & Greg:
Many college regattas might have space available to setup a boat (check with regatta organizers) and allow it be staffed by an enthusiastic fleet member. Better yet, have it in the water and allow the sailors to take it for rides to create the buzz.

Dave Perry - "The Racing Rules and Their Tactical Uses, including the Changes for 2013"
I intend to focus on several common race course situations, including starting and finishing line situations, close crossings upwind and down, and crowded mark roundings. I'll take a close look at the rules that apply in each, and some successful tactics based on knowing those rules. I also plan on explaining the changes to the racing rules that go into effect January 1, 2013. This includes the changes to the definition of Finish, Mark-Room and Mark, and the changes to Rule 41 about helping people in the water, Rule 42 about pumping, and the new Appendix T about percentage penalties taken ashore.

A Helpful Tip from Dave:
When racing upwind on port tack with another boat close to leeward, Rule 20 allows that boat to hail you for room to tack if she needs to make a major course change to avoid an approaching starboard-tack boat. Rule 20 requires you to respond by either tacking as soon as you can, or hailing back to her "You tack!" In almost all circumstances, it is better for you to hail, "You tack!" Rule 20 then requires the hailing boat to tack as soon as possible, and you now have the option of tacking close to leeward of the hailing boat (leebowing her), or ducking her and the approaching starboard tacker and continuing on port tack. Remember, if your plan is to duck the hailing boat when she tacks, be sure to create enough separation so that when she tacks, you can bear away and duck her without hitting her!

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