Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reflections from the President - Meet us in Milwaukee

by Tom Hubbell, President of US Sailing
Are you going to US Sailing’s National Conference in Milwaukee on October 23-25?  If growing sailing and supporting racing is important to you, I want to see you there. Let’s have a good time and talk sailing.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend US Sailing’s National Conference...

1.    Tour the Harken factory and enjoying the social event there. Can you say “ball bearing blocks” five times without a flub?

2.    Learn more about the exciting details of US Sailing programs and services. Do you know what we are doing to grow youth sailing? Do you know the changes in race management training? In regards to community sailing and yacht club support, I am betting you don’t know half of the story. We can’t wait to share.   

3.    Put your two cents on the floor of discussions about what each division is going to do over the next three years. We want to hear from you!

4.    Learn about the significant changes in the Offshore Division, the development of the Universal Measurement System, and our support of offshore sailing and PHRF fleets.

5.    Meet sailors you will like who sail completely different boats in very different venues. There are very few sailors you will regret meeting. Trust me on that one. Sailors are a really interesting bunch of citizens. You will learn from everyone.

6.    Learn about our Olympic and Paralympic teams and all that is happening to help them succeed and represent the United States on the international stage. You like winning? Be there to support their effort.

7.    Explore your interest in volunteer work on a subject or project. You really can tailor your commitment to the degree of your interest, time, and talents. We need new people!

8.    A chance to grind your axe on your favorite “inadequacy” or misstep of US Sailing. Some folks just live for that, God love ‘em.

9.    Meet and talk informally with members of the board, division chairs, staff, and the Executive Director. There will be some rock stars of sailing at the National Conference. This is your chance to meet and talk with the key players.

10.    Honor the recipient of US Sailing’s highest award, the Herreshoff Trophy. Hear the compelling story. You don’t want to miss this one.

This is our national sailing organization. It takes all of us to grow sailing and enhance the experience.

I hope to see you on the water and in Milwaukee for the National Conference this fall. Register today!

Tom Hubbell

President of US Sailing

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