Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Admiral Moore Team Race

By Russ O’Reilly

This year's Admiral Moore Team Race was hosted on the East River at SUNY Maritime College. The event was changed from a fleet race to a team race in 2008 and has steadily improved in the level of competition since its debut. This year the regatta had a strong field of ten teams including Dartmouth, Roger Williams, and the University of Rhode Island from NEISA; Georgetown, Hobart/William Smith, Navy, SUNY Maritime, and St. Mary's from MAISA; Eckerd from SAISA, and the much-improved University of Wisconsin traveling from the MCSA Ted Green II from Wickford, R.I. traveled south for the weekend to act as head umpire and his son Ted Green III served as PRO for the event. After two round robins and a final four, NY Maritime finished strong, winning their home event with a 14-4 final record.

Competitors arrived to McMurray Hall on Saturday morning to find warm temperatures and a 10-12 knot easterly breeze awaiting them on the river, but as the teams sailed out to the race course the conditions quickly deteriorated when the wind clocked 90 degrees to the right and the velocity decreased to 3-5 knots. The Maritime sailors running the races managed to get the racing underway with a slight delay and the first flights of races were completed in the tricky wind conditions. The easterly breeze returned within the first hour of racing to provide some beautiful sailing and spectating conditions. The first round robin of 45 races was completed at roughly 3:00 pm. After this round the scores were extremely tight, NY Maritime had seven wins, HWS, Roger Williams, and Navy were next with six apiece, and Dartmouth close behind with a 5-4 record.

The race committee pushed ahead into round robin two, getting about halfway through with the round before racing was called for the day at about 5:30 pm. The large number of races completed on the first day of the event made it likely to get the sailors on the road at a reasonable time on Sunday, with only 20 races left to finish the second round robin and a further six to complete a final four rotation. The breeze continued to cooperate on Sunday, with 5-10 knot northerly breeze dominating the proceedings.

Round robin two saw a similar group emerge at the top of the heap, with Maritime and Navy finishing at seven wins and Georgetown with six, but the round also saw Dartmouth, Roger Williams, and St. Mary's slipping from their first round success. After two round robins were completed the teams had a short break to prepare for the final four grouping with the standings as follows:

NY Maritime 14-4
Navy 13-5
(tie) Georgetown 10-8
(tie) HWS 10-8
Roger Williams 9-9
(tie) St. Mary's 8-10
(tie) Eckerd 8-10
Dartmouth 7-11
Wisconsin 6-12
URI 5-13

The final four round was held with coaches on the water serving as umpires to help keep it clean through the tight competition. No team was able to come out unscathed nor did any team emerge undefeated. SUNY Maritime and HWS escaped the round with a 2-1 record while Navy and Georgetown finished 1-2. The overall finishing places did not change after the final four round. Congratulations to NY Maritime for holding on to win the 2012 Admiral Moore Team Race, winning its home event for the first time in 16 years!

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