Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charleston Women’s Intersectional

By: Katy Baker

Every year the Charleston Women’s Intersectional poses challenging conditions. This year is no exception. With strong gusts, a ripping current and the threat of thunderstorms, this event was memorable for everyone involved. However, despite these rather trying conditions, a total of 12 races were sailed.
Photo by Katy Baker.

As this event is one of the first "big" women’s regattas of the spring season, it is a fairly good indication of where the competition is moving forward. This year on March 3rd and 4th, the College of Charleston hosted nine teams including, top ranked Yale and fourth ranked Georgetown. Both divisions were sailed together making for an 18 boat fleet. Five races were completed on Saturday before the approaching thunderstorms forced the postponement, and later abandonment of further competition. Sunday morning’s abundance of rain created a strong ebb tide, which made for tricky mark roundings and starts. A total of seven races were completed before gusts of around 30 knots filled, concluding the weekend.
Winning Team: Carly Shevitz, Corey Hall, Sarah Scudder, Grace Lucas and 
Sarah Somes. (Photo by Katy Baker)
The College of Charleston Cougars came out strong on Sunday finishing the weekend in first with an impressive 48 point lead over second place Yale. Senior Skipper Corey Hall with Junior crew Sarah Scudder and Sophomore Carly Shevitz led the Cougars to victory in the A Division, while Sophomore Skipper Grace Lucas with Junior crew Sarah Somes dominated the B Division. Throughout the event, tight pressure from the fleet pushed everyone to compete at their highest level.

Skipper Grace Lucas and crew Sarah Somes work on keeping their boat flat while
 being towed back to the dock after a break down. (Photo by Katy Baker
The Cougars attribute their success to their teamwork and planning on the water. They recognize that their improved starts over the course of the weekend gave them a great advantage going forward. “Starts were crucial,” Sarah Somes admits, “with the heavy breeze and ebbing tides, it was important to start in a good position.” Lucas and Somes also had an opportunity to practice a bit of rudderless sailing after the pintles on their rudder fell out when the heavy breeze filled in during the final race on the second day. Nevertheless, Sarah Scudder concludes that it was, “a great Cougar Sunday!”.

Despite some trying conditions, the Charleston coaching staff and cougars were able to put on a great event with solid racing. Kudos to everyone who helped make this weekend a success!

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