Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reflections from Key West Race Week

By Kelly Stannard

What a week! There were countless amounts of “firsts” for me last week, other then our scores that is. It was my first time sailing a Melges 24, first time meeting my teammates, first time to Key West, my first win at Race Week, and my first time being recognized as Sailing Anarchy’s Chick of the Week! Oh, and I almost forgot, the first time I was nicknamed, "Biscuit."

Now that my brief retreat to turquoise water and sunscreen in January has come to a close I am headed back to my house in Connecticut for a day or two before I return to Rhode Island to start classes. It’s hard to leave a place like Key West and go back to the snowy Northeast!

The week couldn’t have been more fun. I’m ecstatic that I got to sail with such a talented team, Bora Gulari, Jeremy Wilmot, Sam Rogers and Andrew Wills. Our sponsors, West Marine Rigging, New England Ropes, and North Sails were also essential in our victory in Key West Race Week. I hadn’t imagined my first “big boat” event would have gone so well. I guess you could say I am one-for-one right now.

Now I am home and reflecting on how great of a week I had and am ready for a nap before I have to jump back into school, work and before I know it, the college sailing season!

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